Hide account information from topbar

How do you get rid of the name in the top bar where it says your name and how old you are?

The part surrounded in red

You cannot remove this or the Roblox menu.

The menu is to prevent you trapping people in game and for providing a point of reference so people can access settings, block players etc. The username part is important information too, both for screenshots and for parents who look over a child’s shoulder to check they’re doing what they’re supposed to be, on their protected account, with any appropriate age restrictions.

What is it that you’re wanting to hide it for?

You can’t, as the developer, access whether someone is 13+ or not so it is not possible to hide this.

Edit: I forgot about the ability to hide the username via SetCore. As mentioned in the solution it has side effects such as preventing you from enabling chat altogether, even with SetCoreGuiEnabled, making it unsuitable for some applications.

Think hes trying to hide the username and the account age.

@lolbiIlyyy, what BanTech meant is, why does he even want to hide/remove it.

roblox should immediately remove the age label showing although it’s not to others on roblox as its probably more likely to be privacy concerns but you cant remove the age label from any game

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You can hide the username, though this will hide all of the topbar too, like chat etc. I do not think there is a way to hide the account age currently.

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Although that is a somewhat agreeable idea, I’m pretty sure the age label is kept there for parents to observe and check if they haven’t changed it to 13+ or etc. Basically, its for the parents to look at it.

I just want to remove the players name but not the account age. I’ve seen this done in Half-Blox 2 but I just don’t know how to do so.

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