Hide team Gui without hiding leaderboard

For an obby that is super big, how do I hide the team Gui? I want the leaderboard to appear but I don’t want the teams to appear, I need to use teams for the Data saving system I have put in place. Right now I just disable the Leaderboard via code, but I still want the leaderboard.

For an obby really you shouldn’t be using teams as checkpoints but I know you can a custom leaderboard or their might be a setting u could change but I’m not sure about that

You can’t directly edit the core leaderboard, you’d probably have to make your own leaderboard or just change the way you save the position. A good idea wuld be to use leaderstats instead of teams since teams can get quite messy

I’ve tried the Roblox leaderstats article but it doesn’t comprehend well with me. Do you know how I would do this?

If you know how to save leaderstats this would be easy.

game.Players.PlayerAdded:Connect(player) -- when the player joins
  local leaderstats = Instance.new('Folder') -- create a folder
  leaderstats.Name = 'leaderstats'
  local Stage = Instance.new('IntValue') -- an int value that will keep track
  Stage.Name = 'Stage' -- of what stage the player is on
  Stage.Parent = leaderstats

  leaderstats.Parent = player -- add it to the player

I’m going to guess that you used spawn points to change the players team when they completed a stage so just replace those spawns with parts named after their stage number.

aka ‘4’

Put a script in each with this code inside

local stage_part = script.Parent

stage_part.Touched:Connect(function(hit) -- when something touches it
  local player = game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(hit.Parent) 

  if player then -- detects if its a player
    player.leaderstats.Stage.Value = tonumber(stage_part.Name) 
    -- change the players stage

hopefully this helps you