Hiding Parts from particular clients


I was wondering if there is any way to hide parts (that exist on the server) from particular clients?

I previously tried putting the server part into a folder that had been deleted on the client, but I got some errors that I cannot reference right now due to the script being unavailable at the moment.

So essentially, is it possible to hide a server owned part from particular client(s)?


Destroying parts or making them Invisible and not CanCollide-able should do the trick.


What if the part has effects that can be spawned from it? for example, a missile. When you destroy it is no longer visible to the client, but the client will still see the explosion that results from the missile hitting something. I guess what im trying to say is, Is there any way to completely nullify any resulting effects coming from a part, even after it is gone??

EDIT: nevermind, I now realize that the instances that come from a missile hitting a wall arent implicitly connected to the part, and cannot be prevented from being shown on the client by simply destroying the part.

Thanks x)