High velocity objects clipping though things and not calling the touch event

I have been having trouble making bullets that move at high speeds because the touch event has not been getting called. I figured out the cause of the problem is that the bullet is clipping though things.

Each of thoughts dots are the location of where the touch event can fire. The speed of the bullet was 300 studs and I am using a Linear Velocity to move it. I would use raycast but I want my gun to have bullet speed ,drop and some way for the player to see the bullet and its path.
If you need a example of how I want my bullets to work click here.

Any suggestions?

Simple, ,Touched is highly un-accurate and sense the object is moving so fast it wont trigger. Also if the thing is moving so fast it may indeed go through objects that are thin.

To fix the .touched you’ll need to find another way of doing hit detection, as for the other one, make walls thicker.