Hinge Door Weight Issue

I have made a big vending machine for a tycoon game, but I have no idea how to make a flap for the vending machine. I ended up making it, but I don’t know how I can make the door open easier (change the weight to make it lighter). I tried messing around with the density but I couldn’t do it. How can I make it very light so little force is needed for a part to open the flap / hinge door?

If you’re using a hinge make it a servo. Then set the ServoMaxTorque to something light. The density/weight of the door should stay balanced as you could end up flinging that door in a lot of glitchy situations if it’s too light and have it try to snap off the hinge if it’s too heavy. You just need to play with these properties:

Angular speed is how fast the door will try to move while closing itself, torque is the resistant force with which the servo will try to reach it’s target, target angle is where the servo will try to rotate to, angular responsiveness controls how fast the response of your hinge is and goes from 5 to 200.