Hingeconstraint catching up when using tween

Basically, a have a part, lets call it part 1 connected to another part, part 2, with a hingeConstraint.
When i tween part 2, part 1 just has this weird little delay as the hinge glides along with part 1 instead of staying together the whole time

Just replying to be able to check the views

Is it possible to apply a weld during the tween? This weld can be added just before it starts and removed when it’s stationary, but will stop the hinge from being used in motion. But there are still ways to script the weld’s rotation to act similar to a hinge.

Yes, but that causes the object to move to the center of the other.

creating the weld with Instance.new() will result in that because the weld offset is nil, I think there is a weld function to do it properly

I think it was :Makejoints()
But ifim not mistaken the C0 and C1 properties could be used to manually set the offset.