HingeConstraint motors spinning body of helicopter as well as rotor on client

Hi, I’m trying to make a helicopter, and I’ve got the rotors to spin. On the server, everything operates as expected, but on the client, the base starts spinning around the attachment as well. I’ve found that anchoring the base fixes the issue, but I can’t do this, because I need to fly the helicopter. Any suggestions?

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Try turning the density in the parts of the blades to zero and turn the Max torque down a bit.

I’m not seeing any visible effect from doing this, it’s just increasing the time before the helicopter starts flipping out.

Clamp the maximum rotational velocity of the blades. From what you explained it sounds like it’s reaching too high of a speed and the physics engine can’t handle it. The client can update this much quicker so it’s much more apparent to the client than it is the server which can only replicate these changes so quickly. Try making the blades massless as well to limit it’s impact on the hull.

The easiest solution would be to use Welds and making the rotor non-collideable and setting Massless to true.
The more complicated, but aesthetically better solution would be to replace the blades with a slightly transparent and wider model to simulate motion blur and set their maximum rotation to a static max number. For example, the internal value is around 50, but the blurred blades actually turn at around 25