Hinges Motors, BodyMovers or CFrame loop?

Hiwi! Thank you for reading.

What causes more lag?
Theres a Main Part with 8 Parts welded (the 8 parts are massless, no collide, and drains player’s life on touch). The main Part will be cloned 100 times and I want the main part to spin on its own axis to make the 8 welded parts to rotate with it.

So, 100 hinge motors? or 100 body movers?.. If I use a body mover those parts should be controlled by only 1 script right?

Emm… Those Parts should be cloned from a client or server script, whats better?

What about 1 script on a loop changing the 100 part’s CFrame?..

The problem is that on PC I dont have any kind of lag, but a friend testing it on her mobile is experiencing some lag… (but maybe it was only her bad connection idk… Im unable to test it on mobile)

Any help pls?