Hired scripter invisible in team create!

hired a guy to do some scripting work for me and when i gave him perms to my workspace he was invisivible and i couldnt see him thought it was a glitch or something. so we just started working but then when i looked through his scripts i saw this

local module = {
[“CovertCode”] = {
[“TheUncommon32NoobJax”] = “Owner/Developer”;
[“TagColor”] = Color3.fromRGB(34, 255, 240);


["DevMcCollins1"] = {
	["TagText"] = "Scripter";
	["TagColor"] = Color3.fromRGB(49, 255, 24);

["uhJakeDev"] = {
	["TagText"] = "VIP";
	["TagColor"] = Color3.fromRGB(252, 0, 232);


return module

the owner name is NOT MY NAME who is that and why is he set to owner! i should be owner im the one making the game.

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So what do you think we are supposed to do here? Do you want us to help with your script or managing your works?

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if you can help that would be nice but what i reall y want to know is whats going on. like why is someone elses name set too owner?

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You can actually change it with the strange name with yours.

["TheUncommon32NoobJax"] = "Owner/Developer";

Instead of this, use

["wingedmaraduer7"] = "Owner/Developer";

But the actual odd is why your scripter wrote somebody else’s name. You may doubt this because you may have got scammed. Not certain but maybe.

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yea so if someone elses name is in there does that mean that my games is gonna get stolen or something like did he put a script in my game somewhere where ill lose my game completly ?

I think he inserted a free model module. But @wingedmaraduer7, watch out for any suspicious behavior.

As I said, I’m not sure with that. This doesn’t mean your game will get hacked. If your scripter wrote somebody else’s name, wouldn’t it be weird?

Also, this topic is not related to this category.

and i have no idea where to find it

Pretty concerning - oh nvm you deleted that

You can ask why the scripter added that and delete it if he doesn’t respons. Not sure tho.

what category does this belong in?

Nah, you’re in the right place I believe.

I think it goes here: #help-and-feedback:game-design-support

where would i find the free model in explorer

You cannot know if a model is a free model. They are found in the Toolbox.

well then what do i do with it how do i get rid of it can i get rid of it x-x x-x

Nvm, this was a completely safe script. Its basically for a special chattag nothing more. You can refer the code from here.

Good luck!

and also is there a way to go back before he inserted his scripts

Simply ask him why he added another name. It could be highly likely that it was his alts.

thts what the asset is? why do i have to have