Hired scripter invisible in team create!

I dont think there is anything related to assets in this script.

post must be at least 30 letters long? wwhhhhyyy

i keep getting this every time

btw this keeps loading on my screen
DataModel Loading https://assetdelivery.roblox.com/v1/asset/?id=6799828442

yes roblox lets u roll back to one older version of the studios state because every “version” gets stored and lets u do a rollback on the workplace

how would i go about doing that

theres one option that roblox gives you on the drop down menu on the create page or on the games page. I dont remeber it fully but there should be something called Like Rollback or Versions i dont know anymore

so when u open roblox from the desktop its on tht menus drop down menu?

like i said i dont remeber where it is anymore

kk ill just look it up or something thank you though

Have you paid this scripter yet? (Hopefully not)

Be smart and check on everything the scripter is doing.

  • Your scripter is probably testing something.


  • Your scripter has gone rouge and is trying to backdoor your game. (which is unlikely?)

The code the scripter has typed so far as it seems is nothing malicious, but the scripter could do stuff which is unwanted, with out you knowing… (again, unlikely)

no i didnt he just came in did some scripts said he had to go to bed and left very suspusios and i hated evry second of it of course the first time i hire someone i get a person tht gives me a virus. but i was able to revert back to the version before he touched it.

Personally, I don’t let anyone have access to the main game place, If they work for me, I would have them do there work in a separate place file…

i was just thinkin that make a whole seprate copy game and have them work on that

Then they will still be able to steal your scripts and models, but they wont be able to back door your main game.

I did it because I was working for that user, then when he hired me I thought I changed it but it didn’t save explains a lot it isn’t a free model I made it all myself.

@wingedmaraduer7 Now, ask before telling everyone… not like your gonna get back to me because you blocked me without me even explaining…

Listen, I know you thought I did something to get you hacked but I didn’t mean it, I put your name in it but it didn’t show up for others but now I fixed my studio so can you hire me back?