Hiring a Builder

Howdy Devforum fellas.

Not exactly a request for support, per se, however I figured this was the most relevant topic to post this in, so why not?

I need a builder (possibly also another scripter) to assist in the development of an upcoming hotel-based group. Payment will be provided, of course, no issue there, the only issue for me is finding somebody who is skilled and dedicated enough to actually put time into developing.

Add me on Discord for more information if you’re interested, also send me some examples of your work once I accept your request.


the most relevant topic to put these in is #development-discussion in the collaboration section



haha what a nerd he posted a thing in the wrong place!!!

lets all point and laugh!! hahahah!!!

but uh

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dont even think I can view that with my trust level :thinking:

view what?

#development-discussion, upcoming devs can’t view it

oh right


Please make sure your posts are on-topic within the category that you’re posting in. If you don’t have access to the actually relevant category for your post, it means that you cannot post about such topics yet.

(The exception being bug reports and feature requests, see rule 15.1 of the developer forum rules.)