Hiring a builder/modeler [42,000 R$ or 20% of revenue]

About The Job

We are looking for a professional builder to join our team. You will need to create a variety of low-poly modern houses, along with upgrades of said houses.

Use of textures to add extra detail is a plus

Our game needs at least 6 unique houses, along with 3 upgrades of each house, completed by the end of August.


We are paying 7000 R$ for each house and its upgrades. That is 42,000 R$ total. We are also offering 20% of revenue for those who prefer percentage instead.

Contact Us

Discord: sc#7508
Or just mesage me on devforum (preffered)

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Are the textures required for each house? Or would it be ok as long as there detailed?

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They are not required, but we would prefer if you use textures to add details as opposed to additional parts. We would like to release to mobile, so minimizing lag is really important

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Hmm I see well I’d be up for this but I’m not as advanced with textures.

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Might be interested in joining you again!
DM me if you’re interested.

(I’m BarryYeeBenson if you remember!)

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