[hiring a development team for a simulator studio]

Monkey Simulator, Pioneer Studios.

About Us

Hello, Monkey Simulator is an upcoming simulator that will dominate and change Roblox simulator games forever! A development team is a group of game developers who all share a passion for detailed and talented work in the game development field if this is what you go by we’ll be interested. Monkey Simulator will be a game consisting of original designs and development which will include custom low-poly characters and maps as well as animations and sound etc. Monkey Simulator has been a plan I’ve been looking to do for a few years and I’ve finally decided to set it up. If you thinking clicking is fun? Why not have the ability to swing around on tree’s and explore rainforests? Unlock and trade pets and design your monkey! We’re looking for 3D Modelers who can rig characters, low-poly map designers that can match our base map! Animators, Graphics Makers and a Music Designer.

Our team currently consists of:
@Recon_developer - Regular Builder
@Reset25273507 - Head of Development, Programmer
@ N/A - Lowpoly Builder
@ N/A - Graphics Artist
@ N/A - Music Designer
@ N/A - 3D Modeler who can rig
@ N/A - Animator

Work Examples

Lowpoly Map Maker

3D Modeler who can rig


Couldn’t find an exact animation however a stand-up monkey walking with a stubble/banana eating (R15)

Music Designer
Looking for a good adventure type of song that’ll go well with the maps!

Graphics Designer
3D renders that can have monkeys on our maps tree’s as well as thumbnails/game icons and a group logo!

We value collaboration and working in a friendly & comfortable environment and are looking for an experienced development team to join us to create a better experience for our players. We have high ambitions for 2021 and we are ready for you to join our team!

We utilize Discord as our primary communication platform and require you to actively communicate with us and engage with the community. On a daily basis, you would be working on creating immersive content and features for dedicated players.


Payment will be negotiated upon your application being approved. As this position requires a consistent amount of hours weekly, we offer a monthly base pay along with substantial bonuses. Typically, 3-15k+ is an average amount for the positions listed however payment may be discussed and vary depending on the work that’s needed.


If you’re interested in applying, or simply want to learn more about what the position entails, DM me on discord BeN#8356 Or you can DM me here, on the Developer Forum.

Thank you for taking the time to read and considering this application!

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