(HIRING) A digital artist to design Mexican Art Murals!

(Short) We are hiring a digital artist to design us a art mural on our walls, for our Mexican fast causal trendy restaurant. Here are some examples we would want… Unknown-7



We will be ONLY paying in robux, and in group funds also! Must have experience in art, and must have past work to show us!

Interested? Dm me on discord, wavoq#2631


How much is the pay, may I ask? @wavoq

Maybe 200-600 robux. If that works, I have a low budget.

Erm, 400-600 robux is extremely low…

Most digital artists who meet this level charge anywhere from 25K robux to more than 60K robux for these types of arts. It takes immense precision and skill to create this type of artwork digitally and physically even though it looks easy.

Maybe try saving up for type of work, or create some ROBLOX decals for this.

Try finding some Creative Commons ones on the internet. Free and done by professional artists.

Couldn’t find what you mean sorry.

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