Hiring a full time programmer for eDEN Advanced Research Facility

Hiring a full time programmer for eDEN Advanced Research Facility.

The team

Hey, We are a team of developers responsible for creating the eDEN Corporation , a roblox group focused on realistic roleplay. We are a group centered around our community, imagination, and lore.

Our team:

@CallmeK1aus - Builder/ Project manager/ Modeler

@NJB009 - Morph Creator

@Adrianos_YT - Clothing designer

We are opening up an opportunity for someone to join us on our journey creating a fun, realistic roleplay game based on the lore of our corporation. Initially, you will be assigned to coding eDENs Biological and Viral Research Site.

What We’re looking for

We are looking for someone who can script the assets made by our team and be able to prioritise working on the game. We expect you to be able to adapt, organize your code, keep it clean and readable, and be as performant and efficient as possible. You should be able to familiarize yourself with our work methods.

You must have good communication skills, as you will be required to be very active on Discord. We organize ourselves through Discord, so it is a requirement to be able to use it. You must also be able to engage with the community, adjust to the community’s rules, and be a role model to the community.

You should be able to work in a team and use team creation to collaborate with our developers.

You should be dedicating at least 10 hours to this group a week.


You will be getting paid 15% of the games revenue after the games release. After you finish your first task you will be paid 1000 Robux for starters.

If the game does not generate enough revenue you will be paid 1000 Robux monthly until it does generate revenue.

Contact us

To apply for this position, please contact either:



On discord.

If you have got any questions regarding this position please contact Klaus#7593 on discord.

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