Hiring a Over the Shoulder Gun Framework Scripter [FOUND!]

About Us

Greetings from the [[- Special Containment Procedures Foundation -]] Development Team. The group is currently sitting around 1400 members and we are nearing the end of constructing a new map for our group’s more serious roleplay side.

The Team
@Althenix, @ResoluteVondar - Builder
@ResoluteVondar - Scripter
@ResoluteVondar - UI
@ResoluteVondar - Terrain & Environment
@Lidels, @Le_JuiceBOX - Commissioned Scripter

Currently our game is locked to a group of about 40 people who have registered as Beta Testers for the group so we cannot show off the map right now.

About The Job

We are in need of an Over-the-shoulder gun framework to be custom made for our game, I will provide all details of the framework in a drop down below. We do not accept any pre-built frameworks and only want something new and custom exactly as we ask.

Framework Details
  • Guns should be at some sort of animation where they are held down when they are not being fired.
  • Upon left clicking (to fire) the gun goes up, after about 10 seconds or so of no firing the gun goes back down (ive heard this is like GTA 5?).
  • Upon holding right click the camera zooms in a bit.
  • Multiple fire modes on weapons, changed with [V].
  • Camera should be locked over the shoulder at all times while the gun is equipped.
  • Crouch functionality.
  • Camera Recoil when firing.
  • Switch shoulders with the keys [Q] (left shoulder) and [E] (right shoulder).
  • Maybe hold down like [T] to freely look around without moving the character?
  • Not a full on bullet trail, something more like how it is in Phantom Forces where you can see the bullet but its not a straight line.
    [Below is mostly scripting related]
  • Adjustable fire rates within the scripts
  • Semi auto, burst fire, full auto fire.
  • Shotgun mode (where there are multiple projectiles per shot, this should be compatible with full auto and burst fire modes)
  • Adjustable recoil amounts within the script.
  • Easily configurable to make many types of guns.
  • Configurable burst fire amounts
  • Guns should have the option for limited ammunition, and be able to be refilled at a refill station in-game.
  • Hats should NOT be bulletproof… Bullets should go through things like character morphs, hats, etc.


We are offering $100-200 USD. If more is needed please say so, but please keep in mind a lower budget when making a counter offer. We cannot offer R$ payment or gift card payment.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum, via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/resolutevondar, or on Discord via ResoluteVondar#0274. You will get the fastest response through Discord.

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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