Hiring a Programmer ($$$ CANNOT PAY ROBUX)

Hi there! I am working on an upcoming horror game. My team right now is very small and it will gradually expand as I hire more developers.

@EggYolked - UI/Animations/Building/3D Modelling/GFX
You - Programmer


The game’s name is HiddenBlox. It’s based on ROBLOX but the hidden side of the ROBLOX website. You are browsing the website because you are a detective trying to find the mystery of a kidnapped a robloxian. However, you are putting yourself at risk because people who go on HiddenBlox are being watched by someone on the other side.
What this game need’s currently:

  • NPC’S - Scripted to attack you.
  • A operating system - Like a windows operating system but less complex. It will include a Browser/A anti-virus/ a virus that pops up randomly/ a shop
  • A game menu/lobby - A GUI that allows will have play/help/credits. When play is clicked it will teleport you from the lobby to the game.
  • A game intro - Intro/Loading screen for the game
    Plus more

Our game needs a programmer who is willing to dedicate themselves and has a true passion for the game. We expect at least some progress done per week. I am planning to spend around 100k on adverts.

Images of the game

I will be giving 45% Revenue + $$$ USD (cannot do robux as of this moment)

You can contact me here on the Developer Forums then I’ll allow you to add my discord.


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