Hiring a Programmer for my Next Car Game

Next Car Game

I don’t officially have a title for this project, so it’s currently my Next Car Game. Looking to flatly pay someone to do this, don’t feel like dealing with the hassle of giving out a percent over x amount of time. Because of that, I’m open to bargaining as far as the price of the scripting is concerned. Preferring to pay in USD.

Key Features:

  • Car Shop (Done in a GUI)
  • Premium Car Shop (Done in a GUI)
    • Uses Premium Currency
    • Limited availability items
  • Experience Levels
    • Level specific rewards
  • 2 Forms of Currency
  • Garage System (Done in a GUI)
    • Car Customizations
  • Matchmaking System*
  • Racing Game Mode
    • Spawn players into cars at the beginning of each race
    • Minimum of 8 checkpoints to scatter around the track
    • Positioning GUI (First/Second/Third etc)*
    • Lap based races
      • Races end 30 seconds after the leader finishes
    • Give Rewards based on finishes
      • Experience levels
      • Currency
  • Practice Mode Setup*
  • Datastoring for all of this

*I have an idea for this system, but would like feedback.

Feel free to either reply directly to this thread if you’re interested, or DM me on the DevForum here.


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