Hiring a roblox scripter for a game

Hello! My name is DogeExploder, I am a roblox developer that likes to build pretty cool creations (I do not script)

I am hiring a scripter for a new game I am making, What is the game you may ask? Well this is a zombie survival game in this game you will need to gather as much as you can before a timer stops, once the timer stops the zombies are released from a factory that was destroyed from a chemical, Your job as a team is to destroy the zombie virus before they destroy your base, If your base is destroyed its game over, Remember when I told you need to gather as much as you can, well you will need to use anything that you gathered to stop the zombies while others get rid of the virus.

I am not quite sure about the payment yet but I can pay 400 robux at the moment, in 4 months I will be able to pay a few thousand robux, Of course I will also pay you some of the game revenue when its finished.

How to contact me:
Well since I don’t reply here often contact me via discord
Discord: DogeExploder#7053

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I don’t understand how you can hire a script to script you a game… why don’t you hire a scripter?

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What do you mean? I said Im hiring a scripter

Change the title to hiring a scripter instead of hiring a script.

I just did change the tiltle of it

Hi, I’m an intermediate scripter. I’m interested. cielo#2201

Accept my friend request, Then we can talk

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