Hiring a scripter! [$200+ | 50%+ game profit]

Hey all,

We are currently looking for someone familiar with coding guns (specifically with the R15 character model), camera manipulation, and randomly generated loot.

This site may give you just a brief overview of what the game is about, I have a more detailed sort of “guide” also if you need it: https://crossfireroblox.weebly.com/
Here’s a relatively detailed list of what this job entails:

  • Guns - Very similar gun system to Fortnite, and Fortnite gameplay (in terms of how guns work) is what you can expect to be coding. This includes the 3rd person camera.
  • Camera manipulation - Camera shaking, camera effects (such as blurring upon getting shot at, displaying a UI image overlay, etc.). This is mostly basic camera manipulation, we’re not going too crazy.
  • Particle effects - Self-explanatory. If you can actually design the particles that’s a plus, if not, we can create them.
  • Random loot generation

There’s also a bonus if you’re able to create basic animations (such as reloading weapons, crouching, etc.). If not, that’s alright. This isn’t a requirement.

Pay is 50-60% of profits after game release or $200 base pay (negotiable and can increase), whichever is higher or whichever is preferred. (Ex. If the game makes more than $200 in DevEx profits, you’d keep the 50-60%, but if the game doesn’t make more than $200 in DevEx profits, you get the USD payment).


  • Most of the UI is already made + a good majority of it is already functioning.
  • You will be working alongside another coder, but the other coder is specifically there for gameplay mechanics that aren’t associated with the list of tasks here. If there is a conflict, we can discuss on Discord.

There’s no concrete timeline on this, but we’d like to get out a playable version as soon as possible (playable as in functioning UI, functioning guns with some aesthetics, etc.) so we can begin balancing out the gun stats for a bit before the actual release. And obviously we don’t want to spend years on this either.


Contact me for more information and details, I don’t want to list every little detail on this thread:
Discord: Justin#0877
Twitter: @JukeRblx


I’m not able to apply unfortunately, but I am asking for those interested: What’s your definition of “pretty good” when it comes to payment? People like a hard number, but will also accept a range if that’s not possible/known. :slight_smile:

Looks great though and best of luck with the project! :smiley:

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Message me


Whose animating?

As of right now, nobody. To be honest I can animate most of what’s needed, since we only need small animations for stuff like reloading, melee, etc.

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