Hiring a scripter. 45% [CLOSED]

About Us
Hello There! We are Aureus Studios and we are looking for a very skilled scripter to help us build our new game which will be a simulator.

The Team
@Valkedd - Project owner, manager, investing - 30%
@To be hired - Builder - 25%
@ To be hired - Scripter -45%

About The Job
We need a scripter capable of entirely scripting a simulator. Since our game will be built better than any other. It will consist of simulator systems like daily rewards, backpack, companion shop, etc.)

We are looking for someone that will respect one and other.

We are giving 45%

Valkedd#0001 on discord.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Issue with payment:

Your getting 30%?

The MAXIMUM a project lead should realistically get is 5%, say you do a fair portion of the building maybe 10%, id recommend you add 10% to the scripter and builder roles.


Im doing UI, managing and also investing the whole game and paying for all the art and sponsors

Depending on the investment id still say 10-20%

Hi There! I’m interested in your offer.
Hopefully this portfolio will answer all of your questions.

This is not a fair revenue split, scripters are gonna have to work the hardest whenever updates has to be made or roblox decides to change its api or when bugs or glitches occur, given that they will be the main scripter doing everything they deserve 50-60%

Scripters should receive more than %45 depending on the circumstances, if you’re managing UI I personally think you should receive only %15. Even if you’re investing, you’re not exactly commissioning them since they are working for free until the project gets released with a “chance” of it being profitable.

How much Robux are you investing. I would say anything around 100k would make you getting 30% sound fair. I would reccomend changing the Scripter to 55% and you to 20%. Could you give more details about the game and how much you’re investing? I am kind of interested.

Even for a 100k investment id still be saying 20-25%

I kind of agree, because he is getting the payment forever.

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