Hiring a Scripter and Modeler for Go-Karting Start Up

Hiring Scripter and Modeler

About This
Currently trying to start up a go-karting company, and since I’m not as good as other, I need help. Right now, the map itself is being developed by me and planning on having three locations of tracks within the company. I am looking for scripters and builders that can make small stuff to make it more interactable for staff and racers.

About the Job
I’m looking for reasonable and trustworthy modeler and scripter. If you have both of these talents with scripting and modeling, then it’ll be easier and consistent. I am expecting good or decent quality products, but simple as well. I am expecting the products to be done within 4 weeks (due to previous people failing to meet any progress or date whatsoever). If more time is needed and you show progress then it can be done. More info and what needs to be done will be done on discord.


  • Must show proof of work
  • Must be good quality
  • Must not be stolen
  • Must make the 4 week, with the exception of more time with show of progress
  • Just be friendly overall

Having a limited budget (4.6k bal currently), I am hoping we can discuss more about the payment amount through DMs. Payment options are done via t-shirts or gamepasses, since no robux is on group. Sorry if it inconveniences you.

I am constantly on discord, reach me out @J0EYp#9268

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