Hiring a Scripter [ Closed ]

About Us

Hey there! I’m Ray and I’m currently looking for an advanced scripter who can script a vibe game.

The Team
@ltzRayy- Lead Developer/Builder
@retrogamer93- UI Designer
@Tobefilled- Scripter

About the Job

We currently are making a vibe game which takes place in a penthouse. As a builder, I’ll be in charge of making the penthouse and making necessary assets. The UI designer will be working on the UI designs and as a scripter you will be in charge of scripting them. More information will be given to you once you have been selected for the job.


  • Able to use discord
  • 1 years of experience in scripting [ Minimum ]
  • Fluent in English
  • A portfolio


I will be paying from 500-1,500R$ via t-shirt or gamepass. Unfortunately, I cannot cover up the taxes.

[ Not looking for any Scripter as of right now! ]

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