Hiring a scripter to make a simulator! [CLOSED]

I feel bad for wanting to make a simulator, but I have a massive project that I am going to financially support with a part time job. The 10k wouldn’t be enough though, so I’m hoping to reach a lot more.

The job
I need you to create an original simulator with me. I have an idea to make ‘popularity simulator’ and a bunch of mini people follow you as you level up and they help you steal followers from other people. It has a social media vibe. To gain these followers you need to do a bunch of ‘activities’ (for your ‘social media’) to gain these followers (as well as clicking). I’d like to discuss this with you. Pets and gamepasses included!

Map demo here: Popularity Simulator - Roblox

13+ and at least 1 year of scripting experience, please! First contact is prioritised.

About me
I’ll be the builder and animator, I’m good at both. Examples will be sent once contacted. You’ll be the scripter and UI artist. I’d like the game to have great looking UI.

I think you’ll be paid the max 10k after, but we can organise payment chunks, payment per asset, I don’t know. You’ll get minimum 20% payment (will increase if this post flops, but don’t take too long as I might change my mind about doing the simulator plan)

You can contact my Discord at EthanDS#8247

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: in the future I intend to make more of these until I have probably 3 running simulators or other cash grabby games :pensive: I didn’t want to do this but it seems to be the only way


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