Hiring a scripter!(please read the whole thing before contacting me) Updated)

About Us

Hey and thank you for stopping by we are the lockup studio and we are looking for a advanced scripter that could make us a working car dealership, a working customization shop. The scripter must bring some impressed work so we could see how good are you now it doesn’t has to be only one scripter doing both i could have two scripter that could do it.


You will get a 20 percent from our game revenue and some robux and alos $4 from paypal


You could contact me on via discord my username is 222#0447

Thank You for reading :slight_smile:

I think people need a lot more than your so called “20 percent”. Also, how much robux do you have put aside for this?

i could give from 100-300


Alright, I suggest paying more… but goodluck!

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