Hiring a skilled animator for a BIG project

Hi there, I’m an Incubator at Roblox working together with @Polymorphic and @sk3let0n. Today is day 3 out of 100 of the program.

We’re working on a BIG project, something that I believe no one has done well yet, not just on Roblox but in the entire video game industry.

I’m looking for a skilled animator to make our project come to life!

We need:

  • Highly skilled at creating character / animal animations
  • Experienced working with AnimationControllers


  • Aptitude for building characters and animals
  • Scripting background
  • Experience with Beams, Particles & Trails

What you’ll be doing:

  • Creating original movement animations (running, dashing, lunging, jumping, double-jumping, etc.)
  • Animating weapon slashes, jabs, etc.
  • Animating non-humanoid NPC rigs including small animals and big monsters
  • Animating player abilities such as ranged attacks, etc.

Pay and workload depends on how in-depth of a role you take in character creation and special effects. We will pay very well and we will pay up front when required work is completed.

We can negotiate payment schedules and compensation. As stated above, this is a big project so compensation will be big.

Please DM me & @Polymorphic if you are interested. Please include past work, including gifs/videos of animations you have made. If you have experience working on a fighting-type game, please send over anything else you find relevant. You can’t be too descriptive!



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