Hiring a team for my game in development

About Me

I’m an Intermediate GFX Artist who after working for multiple development groups which went poorly due to multiple factors, I feel like I’m up to the task to create a Roblox Game.

About The Game

The game has similar gamemodes to those of FPS games, but instead of using guns, you use swords. The game is very faced paced with a fast running speed and even a double jump. You have more than just your sword though. You have 2 skills, a mobility and combat skill. For example, a mobility skill could be a large dash while a combat skill could be 3 shurikens being fired at your foe. (These have cooldowns as per balance purposes) There will be a variety of skills to your disposal that you change in between games so find the skills that best suit your playstyle.

The Team
GFX Artist - Closed (Me)
Scripter - Open
Animator - Closed
Modeler - Closed
Builder - Closed
Clothing Designer - Open
Investor - Open

Details About The Job

Scripter - Must know how to script UI, Experienced with FPS like games.
Modeler - Must use Bleder


Negotiable, I don’t have group funds so you will have to make a t-shirt or gamepass if you lack premium, I will compensate for tax if possible.

Contact Me

Discord - Mariachi Sackboy#3550
Twitter - https://twitter.com/SoullessSadly

Do you need a low poly builder maybe?

I don’t plan on have a low poly style, thanks for your interest anyways!

Ok then thanks for answering (30 characters)

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