Hiring A VFX maker {VallGames is looking for Devolopers}

➜ Hello, we are VallGames, a HunterxHunter game is currently in development and we need a great Visual effect artist to help us put the final piece in the puzzle, we are currently looking for Magic skills, and weapon skill VFX, this is an anime game in production that’s why.
You will be staying with us for a long time, and we only want long-term Designers, you can do commissions but only when you’re done with your own project that’s given to you by us.
What we offer
➜A small and tightly knit team where you can get immediate feedback on your work
➜The ability to contribute to core ideas of the game and help us advance
➜Great experience working on a game with other talented creators
➜A professional and understanding work environment
➜Regular meetings and check-ins on your progress
About the job
➜You will be given magic skills and their reference, stuff like explosions and long beams are included, we want mid polt VFX designs which are suitable for an anime game and can fix the environment like the builds and stuff, etc, we also require great speed to your work and high-end product detail.
➜Abel to work 5h on weekends
➜Very kind and Respectful
➜Following Deadlines
➜Attending weekly meetings
➜Abal to take permissions
➜Know everything about VFX {Blender basics}
➜2 years of Experience + {Not a must}
➜Very good English
➜ Strong sense of ethics and professionalism
➜ 5-7k a Month, this is only temporary and can go way more and longer than needed.
Discord {TempestDev#5783)

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