[Hiring] Advanced animator, 3D Modeler, UI Designer and VFX/Particle designers

About The Game

We’re creating a [Closed community?] city game, name isn’t set yet but we’re aiming for something in combination of “Mad City” , “Crimewave 1986” and “Anomic”. Where players would be able to choose the lifestyle as Regular civilians, Buy property to sell goods and resources or pursuing multiple career choices such as, Lawyers, Research Facility workers, etc etc. Player could serve and protect in Law Enforcement, Or work they’re way up from being a small time theft to a Big-time crime boss. The influence of “Mad City” comes in by allowing players to cause chaos to the city, hiring contract workers to do your dirty bidding to bring in more resources and goods to your property, Or Suiting up and taking on criminals with crafted gadgets and powered weapons.

About The Job

We are looking for a professional 3D Modelers, Animators, Ui Designers and a Particle/VFX Designer. These are longterm jobs but we don’t need a lot of assets done for the game as of right now. Just basic assets to get the game on its feet.

Modeler Requirements
3D Modelers will be asked to be able to make

  • 3D Clothing / Armor & Helmets


  • Gadgets / Weapons

  • Low poly Vehicles

Animator Requirements
Animators will be asked to make fluid movement, combat and abilities. And be able to animate 3D Rigs if necessary


Primary Example
2020-11-18 03-42-05

2020-11-19 23-23-01



UI Designer Requirements
UI Designers will need to be able to create UI that can fit the games theme with modern designs using any program necessary that can make the game look more appealing



Particle / VFX Designers Requirements
Particle and VFX Designers will be asked to create cool particles or vfx to really make abilities and effects that really blow the player away when used.


Desktop 2020.11.21 -

Beam Effects
Desktop 2020.11.21 -



Depending on position, my payments are negotiable but are mainly to fit my budget, I offer 400-2k R$ or 20-30 USD per small task. I cannot pay high R$ but I offer 50-70 USD for every complex task completed. If you believe in the success of the project and will stay long term with us I can offer %

Contact Me

for any questions you can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at: Kixx#7362

Thanks for your time! :slight_smile:

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