[HIRING] Advanced Builder for Starwars project

About Us
Hi there! I am Vejayta and I am making a Roblox Starwars Group Roleplay game called “The Battle of Naboo”.

The Team
@Drvejayta75 - Owner/ Manager
@D_Lexus - Lead Builder
@DukeWasHere - Builder
@antixsoclal - Temporary Scripter
@King_Domination31 - Morph Developer

About The Job
We are looking for a professional builder / Advanced builder who can complete things within a timely matter with high-quality work. Willing to go long-term

Examples of our builds.

You will be paid 1500-2500 Robux. This is a long-term project. Your payment ultimately depends on how much you spend working for the whole month.

13 years or older.
Must send screenshots of your pass work.

Contact me on Discord at Drvejayta75#1262 or here at DevForum

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