Hiring Advanced Scripter (40,000R$)


Who are we? We love and enjoy developing Games and putting smiles into kids and everyone faces and we have nice and friendly community that will welcome you.


We are looking for professional Programming to join our team as our developers. We expect high quality that assets or scripts and Good communication skills are appreciated; we check team progress daily and want to maintain a healthy relationship with one another. Also this “Job” is long-term not short term or pre-pay and we don’t do pre-pay or before pay we will pay after the game is done and everyone completed their work.

Things you need to be our scripter

Now I going to be honest this is the most hardest thing you are ever going to script that’s why I put warning before I just post because I know some people come in discord and ask questions how hard it is. Basically what I trying to say in term is that this project is going to be hard that’s why we are asking for “Advanced” scripters that know Datastore and all those scripting stuff. Our game genre is SC-FI facility game. You must can do Gun systems, and Datastore and animation script

Why is there no pre-pay or before payment

We don’t do pre-pay or before pay because I got scammed alot of times even 9 times DM me if you have questions mostly just please don’t get upset just because I don’t do that method which is very risky for me. Plus the job is Long-Term we don’t do asset pay or anything. Another valid reason is because I tried this method with trusted scripters but I still get scammed let me explain what’s the big problem with this method there’s no verify that you will be protected from the scam or verify he will do his end of the deal even if you made a contract he can still break it and run off. Including lack of work let me ask you a question “Reader” why should I giveaway my money even if it’s risky just like how a investor have to see full game before invest. [PLEASE DONT DM ME THE SAME ANSWERS ON THIS TOPIC YOU WILL FIND ANSWERS HERE READ CAREFULLY]


  • You have to be 14 or older
  • You have to be skilled at using Grammar and Vocabulary.
  • Be mature
  • Work on the Game daily (If not you will be automatically kicked)
  • Respect all staffs even when they are rude. (Just tell me if there’s anything wrong I deal with it)
  • You have to be able to work with us or Development Team.


40,000 for the Professional Skilled Programmer +40%
30,000 for the builder + 30%
10,000 for the animator + 10%
10,000 for the 3D Modeler + 10%
10,000 for the UI Designer + 5%

Extra info for other developers

If you are not a Scripter but other Developer who wants to apply go to discord server above.

Contact me

erMDjdgqFX - Discord invite erMDjdgqFX - Discord invite
Join the server and follow the instructions.

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