Hiring Advanced Scripter and UI designer

who are some thing’s i am looking for:

  1. Make the pet you hatch go into inventory and you can equip it

  2. i already made it where you can hatch

  3. Make a tool datastore

and that’s all, all we need is those 4 thing’s then we will be able to publish.

discord: :crossed_swords:Ɗιαмσηɗ:crossed_swords:#3922

Thank you for your time

Payment: I want to work together then when the game get’s advertised i will pay you, i wanted this to be a Team kinda/Duo

UI Designer i need you to design my shop

Yes it is a guaranteed Payment

the other part of my discord is instead of “:crossed_swords:” its a symbol

hey yk i cant rlly script but i can build and design maps

i guess that’s good enough add me

ok i gonna add you very fast wait

just add me cause you have the sword emoji so you add me jailbreak#7767

You should use the template of the category, your post does not contain enough information like payment.

1k when i advertise so yea sorry about that

Is this guaranteed payment or a ‘fingers crossed if we make enough’ payment?

guaranteed payment btw sorry for not putting

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