Hiring Advanced Scripter For a Dungeon Crawler Type Game

About The Game

Hi there! We are Gen Studios, We are currently developing a game like dungeon crawler. Where you can go to dungeons, refine equipments, trade, PVP, etc. Soon we will be adding ranked system and normal matches. There are skill tree for each classes ( Warrior, Mage, Rogue ). We will also add 2nd class in the future. We are ready to release our game for a pre-alpha version after few bugs fixed ( probably 1-3 days ). We have an investor that is willing to put up to R$ 33k. I’m also a youtuber myself, we also have a youtuber with 30k subs to help us promote our game as well.

Contact me privately for the game link ( because it is private )

Sneak Peek

The Team
@gencyc - Owner
@Nightchase - Scripter
@Polsaar - Builder
@aguilarrover - Builder

About The Job

We are looking for an advanced scripter that is able to communicate well and willing to be a long-term scripter. We need you to keep up with updates and bug fixing. You must have atleast 1+ Year of experience of scripting. We are using AGF ( Aero Game Framework ) for our codes. We don’t need someone highly skilled, we only need someone that is willing to learn and committed. You will be working with our first scripter, and you may ask questions for the existing codes ( Currently we have almost 40k lines of code total ).


We are paying % because we are really close to release our game. We do have backup.

Contact Us

Discord : GenCyc#9949
You must be 15 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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Can you state how much % and how much is the backup as that would be a lot more important.

R$ 5k backup and % is depends on contribution

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