[Hiring Advanced Scripter] Large Pay - Long-Term Only

Hi! My name is Restelia, please read below on our inquiry for a new head scripter.

What am I looking for?

My team and I are currently in the process of creating a traditional Japanese Teahouse, and we are in need of a new Scripter for our game.


You must be completely comfortable with writing in OOP, as well as the ability of using another scripter’s code.

We will not be considering you if you do not have a solid portfolio. We need to see your work to know if we’re interested in discussing employment with you.

What will be expected of you?

You will be expected to work long-term for our new project. We have a long (yet extremely simple) list of scripts you will be required before the project can release.

However, even with our current list, you will be expected to work after that list is completed/after initial release. Once the game itself is made, updates will be smaller yet still frequent.

Any complex parts of this job?

From the perspective of our former scripter, who you will be taking over from; the only difficult part of this entire game is the combat system.

While we can’t get too heavy into specifics on the dev forum, the teahouse will also showcase a heavy aspect of traditional Japanese gangs (the origins of the Yakuza). We are hoping to create a combat system inspired by Dynasty Battles (Katana) combat.

The rest of the game is filled with extremely simple systems. Yes, we have a lot planned for initial release, but other than combat it is all extremely simple and truly shouldn’t take anyone that long to accomplish a successful outcome of each system.

What is the pay?

We are currently offering you 200k Robux, 20% of all group funds (while you are employed with us), as well as bonuses included upon your employment with us.

What is the schedule?

With our current team, we are on track to release on May 31st. We are hoping not to delay that timeframe, so we are very much hoping to hire a new scripter as soon as possible.

How to contact us?

You can contact us on Discord using the tag: Tobonyko#3072

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