[HIRING] Advanced Scripters For A Sci-Fi Game

Looking for

My friend and his team(including me) are looking for advanced scripters for our game and admin commands.

About the job

It’s a Sci-Fi game that has a big chance of becoming popular, and also a set of admin commands called AstroAdmin. They should be active on discord and should have at least 1 year of experience.

Game Information

There will be two teams : Mission Managers and Astronauts. When you select MM it spawns you in the main building where you can launch a rocket and select which rocket is to be launched. All the MM will vote for the rocket to be selected, by a gui. Then the astronauts will get a message gui that a rocket is going to launch and then it will show some security checks for the rocket and then the countdown starts. Then the rocket launches. Then all the Astronauts vote for the place to go. Then you go to the planet or any place and collect resources and get back to earth or another planet by voting for it. You can earn Cash by selling these resources .


My friend will pay robux according to the % of the revenue earned by the game.Currently 10%

To get the job, contact my friend on discord - MadScriptedBuild#4139
or reply to us on devforum

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Still looking for scripters. Message on devforum or discord.