Hiring advanced UI artist, Scripter and Animator!

:santa: Merry Christmas :wave:
Before I get into this post, this is my 4th time posting this. On the 2nd time we got a good dev(yes one only) but he left today for his own reasons. It’s Christmas, so hopefully you’ll be a good present for us!

Hello, we are looking for an advanced scripter, UI artist and animator all who are willing to join an advanced studio. Lowdex Studies is an advanced game studio planning to create games like never seen before on Roblox. We will be working on two projects already planned, one at a time. The first being a game to get us our there and to get some money in our pockets and the second being a game that we will put our all in and will be our blood, sweat and tears.
(please put you all in both games, just the first one you may not need to work as hard lol)

The Current Team
Logavix(me) - Building, project lead, owner
MaxJakii - 3D-Modelling, owner as well,

About The Job

  1. We are looking for an advanced scripter who can pretty much perform any scripting task. This is a key requirement as it really increases efficiency.

If you do UI as well, we may higher you if your skills compare to the other UI applicants.
You must be able to script the following:

  • Level system, meaning XP and getting the XP
  • A shop system and currency
  • A round system system where players are teleported to the lobby while not playing and stuff like that(like in epic minigames)
  • Script the animations
  • Countdown bomb system of multiple bombs
    These are just the major things.
  1. We are also looking for an advanced animator. You must be able to animate in R6 very well and have good knowledge on rigging. A lot of your animations will involve agility. Here are some things that you will be completing while with us:
  • Sprint animation
  • Dashing animations as well as acrobatics
  • Weapon combos
  • Double jump
  • Weapon special attacks
    These are once again, the main ones
  1. Now for the UI artist. We ask for clean, well done UI. The reason why we aren’t just hiring a scripter who does UI as well is because we wish for you to specialize in UI instead. You will not have to complete many tasks, but the tasks we ask of you we expect to be done well.
Here's an example an example of the level of UI we expect

For all devs
We expect daily communication. We are quite chill as a development team as long as you complete tasks within the deadline, we happy yk? We do expect you to update date us with your progress every time you close that studio! We totally understand people have lives, and thus, communication is key. I’m sure we can work it out. MaxJakii and I both wish to get along well with you guys and become a great developing team.

First image is the start of a map we are currently making(game 1) and the second and third image is on the map I accidentally started a while back(game 2) We will be focusing on game 1 before until release.


We are paying in percentage, but do not click off! There is a high chance of our games doing well. Please consider applying!

Contact Us

Via discord: Logavix#5567
You must be 14 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading, please enjoy your christmas!

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