HIRING An Advanced 3D Modeler[Successful Project]

Hello, we are Nanotech Studio, we are hiring a 3d modeler for our team to develop drone simulator.

About the Job
We are looking for a advanced 3d modeler to be able to make 3d models such as mobs, drones, accessories.

Active and easy to communicate
A somewhat steady schedule
A good understanding of the project
Love making stuff like mobs, drone and accessories
1+ year experience

What I can promise you
Gurrenteed payment (Invester)
Freedom in development
Extreme amount of players “Link below”
Welcoming team

Percentage + R$ bonus, detail can be discuss through dm, price is negoetiable.

Contact me through here or on discord: KillerPool2815

Hi, I would be Interested in this Place.

@GGenderYT is a good modeler! He is very trustworthy and friendly!

Successful? When…? Where…?

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