Hiring an advanced scripter (High payment)

About Us
Hello! We are Game Thing, a game developer group. We create fun games such as The Normal Button.

The Team
@cooldaniel234 - builder
@Cantaaloupe - modeler

About The Job
I need a scripter that can make a full body Inverse Kinematics for a custom character. It must be compatible with weapons and be smooth.

Here is an example of the humanoid that needs the full-body inverse kinematics: image

This would preferably need to take at most a week from the start date.

We are offering 10k-15k robux after the product is delivered and finished. Payment is through group funds.

Contact Us
You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or preferably via Discord Cantaloupe#8264

  • This is my first post, so if I missed any information please let me know.

noting that 100k robux is 350usd, and based on what ive seen aaround the forum so far, i dont think that 15k robux can qualify as high payment.


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