Hiring an advanced scripter

I’m making a “hood” genre game, it’s partially scripted, but theres ALOT of bugs that need to be fixed, especially animation debugging. other than that i also need a clothing store scripted, e.g. player walks up to an npc and presses “F” key, which prompts a gui and cutscene, where the gui says “hey what can i get you?” and the player has two options of “nevermind” which closes out of the gui, or “Let me see what you have” which then prompts a dummy rig with a gui at the side with a list of names of clothes, eg “adidas black hoodie” and when the player clicks on it, the specific clothing appears on the dummy rig with a buy button, which deducts money from their walllet.

Again, these are just some of the things that need to be done, but in total i’m looking to pay around 20k robux for everything. If you’re interested, you don’t procrastinate, and you think you can do this then you can contact me on discord. aventador#0001

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