Hiring An Advanced Scripter!

Hello! I am looking for a scripter to help script me a character customisation gui! It will need to be very similar to Royale Highs but without clothing and faces! Itll have hair with changeable textures, accessories, accessories that you can buy with in game cash, a saving system and a skin tone thing. Itll be made using modules. The modules will contain all of the ‘properties’ of the item. Such as the mesh id, the tags (things used to sort the items), the name, the creator, the image, price if its buyable, etc. It will be for my cafe which is releasing days from now! Itll be for an update!

The gui is premade, you just need to script it!

Paying robux when the game is released! (1k+, negotiable)

DM me on Discord! @aesturr#3817 Ill show u examples, etc!

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