Hiring an animator for 1 animation [CLOSED]

About me and details about the service

Hi! My name is OueIIet and I am a builder & scripter.

However, I am currently not working on any projects as I am looking for an animator capable of making an animation for personal use and not public.

I am in a need of one animation for a R6 rig. I want to hire someone who has solid standards with animating, along with a decent portfolio.

While the animation is being created, I’d like to be provided with progress incase anything isn’t matching with my vision for corrections.


I am paying with R$ (ROBUX) for a single animation. The price is completely up to you. However, I am looking to negotiate if the price is too high.

Keep in mind that I will not pay unless the product is finished and has a proper presentation of itself before delivery. When everything’s done and is ready to be sent, I will go first with the payment.


You can contact me on Discord: TheBaghdads#9734

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Can more information be provided on what the animation is that is needed?

Yes, just contact me on Discord for more information.

Just to clarify, I already found a person that did the deal with me and I’m very happy with the results.
Check out @Insenuious (https://twitter.com/InsenuiousBuild) and his work!

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