Hiring An Animator {VallGames is looking for Devolopers} {CLOSED}

➜ Hello, we are VallGames, a studio that is willing to produce one of the best anime games out there to prove all the naysayers out there, we are a large growing community whos looking for a great and trusted animator.
We currently have over 4000 members in our Discord server, and are willing to speed up our productions of the game which is based on the Hunter x Hunter anime/manga series, and are willing to accept any animator who’s very experienced and quick with his hands and work.
What we offer
➜A small and tightly knit team where you can get immediate feedback on your work
➜The ability to contribute to core ideas of the game and help us advance
➜Great experience working on a game with other talented creators
➜A professional and understanding work environment
➜Regular meetings and check-ins on your progress
About the job
➜ You will be animating combats, magic skills, dashes, movements, this is an anime game, so you expect a lot of animation, we fairly need a lot of skill animating and running animations also a lot of combo animations, the avatar you will be animating is R6, and what we exactly need or in reference will be given to you every time we ask a work of you, so it’s simple and easy for you to work with.
➜Abel to work 5h on weekends
➜Very kind and Respectful
➜Following Deadlines
➜Attending weekly meetings
➜Abal to take permissions
➜Know everything about Animating R6
➜2 years of Experience +
➜Very good English
➜ Strong sense of ethics and professionalism
➜ 7-10k a Month, this is only temporary and can go way more and longer than needed.
Discord {TempestDev#5783)

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