Hiring an Animator

About Us


I’m posting here representing the un-named Roblox Accelerator team I’m working with this Summer; myself, @Builder_Boy and @Brick_man.

About The Job

We’re currently looking to hire an animator to work with us on character and attack animations for our combat system in our project. The workload is fairly sizeable, and you will be required to produce over 100 short animations for our characters. They are best described as attack animations.

We expect to be able to work closely with you during the time you work with us, and ideally, all animations would be complete by the end of July, but we are flexible and sooner is preferable.

We expect 3 animations to be completed on average every day- and due to the simplicity of these animations we predict this is fairly reasonable- probably around 45 minutes a day of work (again, more is better). You do not have to work every day- if you do more on other days to make up for missed days, that is fine- the 3 per day rate is just an expected average.


Payment will be in Robux. The amount is negotiable dependent on the skill of the developer.

Contact Us

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at Kyle#1273

Thank you! :smiley:


Sent a request. I’m Interested

Please note my Discord name on this post was previously incorrect. Have fixed now. Position is still open.

If the position isn’t closed yet, Accept my friend request on discord.

Are you still hiring ?
I can’t contact you on discord

Sent a request almost a week and a half ago. Still no response. Are you still hiring?

Position is taken, thanks for interest

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