Hiring an organiser?

Hi, I’m not sure if anyone actually does this but I’m looking to hire someone to organise my coding on a current project?

I’m a bit of a messy coder, and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to take a look at my project and tidy it up?

Obviously with payment involved.


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Depends what you exactly want me to do to “tidy your code up” and what type of game do you plan on making anyway?

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Do you mean like a Project Manager?

No, no, guys. He means if he doesn’t indent something and just writes messy code that is hard to read. Example:
print(“Running Script”)
something = game.Workspace.part
something.Transparency = 0.5
something.Transparency = 1
if something.Transparency = 1
then instance.New(“Part”)
print(“Part Died and New Part Created.”)

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Uh, okay I am going to be honest, this is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen. You need to learn how to tidy up your own code. Hiring someone to do it for you is just delaying your self from learning it. This is pretty weird, if you plan on continuing with programming professionally with jobs and stuff (which can be working at a big company out of ROBLOX or a ROBLOX dev team) no company or organization is going to hire someone just to clean up your code. If they can clean up code, they may as well hire them as the programmer itself instead of you.

Even a programmer who has years of experience cant just read some code written in no professional formatting, commenting anything and understand everything thats going on unless they go through it line by line. And if you have code that goes back to one line and then redirects to another function in another section of the code which runs at the end of the code and stuff (or more commonly known as spaghetti code) then no one is going to understand it. You need to do this your self.


Generally to extend on this statement; all programmers will program a certain way, as such I use NormalCase but use camelCase for function parameters and will put an f_ in front of variables specifically in the scope of which function the variable was made in to identify that it’s for that function. It also can even apply to the spacing, I indent by 4 spaces (1 tab on my Studio settings) while I know some people who would want to indent by 2 spaces.

It’s about coding style and hiring an organizer won’t help you (I mean that in the best of ways, if you truly feel you need someone to do this for you then go for it), it will just make you adapt another person’s choice of preference. It’s like asking someone to pick your outfit each day, it will be bias due to the fact it is the person who decided your outfit’s choice.

Like I stated this is not to ward you off from doing this, if you truly need someone to organize your work for you then so be it, but I personally think you’re over complicating the act of organizing code which could in-fact save you the trouble of hiring someone in the first place.

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Oh yes, I agree. The way one program can reflect a lot about them, their color choices, their idea of clean and neat. But I do not think the name of variables has much to do with it. (As in convention and stuff, I know a variable should be well named and described and such) I think the clean code is simply a future thought.

As in for a second go in the future, find your future self and come back to this very script your working on and asking these questions. If I had not just written this code right now, could I understand it? or putting your self in someone else’s shoes. Say you were working with another scripting, then you should ask Hmm, can the other scripter read and understand what this is doing? I see your point though. Style is important, and it reflects you as a programmer. But the first priority is, can someone else or you in the future read and understand this.

By the way, you speak, I think I can safely assume you’re an experienced programmer. How did you learn to organize? For me, it was trial and error and watching others. As you said,

I actually believe this is okay, as long as you can code. I’ve seen so many different scripters and while they all have their own way of naming, indenting, spacing, at the end of the day they all have one good thing in common. Their code is clean and nice to look at, and I can go through without feeling the stress of reading it, and I understand whats going on.

As for @KossmoZ

My 4 Recommended Steps for Clean Code:

  1. If you displayed you code on a poster and put it up, would it look nice?
  2. Can you clearly understand what that part of the code is doing?
  3. Does looking at it give you stress making you think Oh this is going to take a long time…
  4. Can someone else understand whats going on in that part of the code?
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What is your payment method? Do you pay with paypal?

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