[HIRING] Animator and modeller

About Us

Salutions! I’m Juicoius, a developer at Octopuso’s seafood restaurant, and we are hiring a project modeller and animator!

The Team
@troublesteo - Chief executive, chairman
@Juicoius - Chief project manager, head builder
@RubzYeet - Graphical designer, design officer
I wonder who will be our next two team members, will it be YOU?

Our progress is currently in development and not for public view, hired developers will have permission to view.

About The Job

We are looking for an animator and modeller to join our team, the modeller has two tasks to complete; create a hanging chair and create five low poly fish to make in blender or any other mesh program.

Modeller task

Fish low poly models;

– The great white shark (Medium size)
– Nemo the clownfish (Small size)
– Dory the fish (Small size)
– A red octopus (Medium size)
– A seahorse that is golden (Small size)

I would like all of them to be given in one .rbxl file, the file should include the chair.

Chair details and pictures;


– Cushions must be included
– Must have a circle stand that has a pole standing up and a peg clipped onto it.
– Must have two seats that are realistically good

Animator task

Animated fish task;

– Octopus tentacles moving and the octopus floating up and down.
– All fish separately swimming in circles, small circles.

Hanging chair task;

– Swinging lightly after someone sits on the chair.

Our game needs all those completed by the 1st of July 2019 and the fish assets low poly but the hanging chair realistically detailed.


We are paying 100 per fish by group funds, the chair would cost 150 and each fish animation (2 in total as octopus moves tentacles and swims up but the others go in circles) are 250 robux.

Please, please, please suggest the prices and what I should add to the post!

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum, Discord or via Twitter at:


I suggest you message me on DevForum that you’re interested before on Discord or Twitter.

You must be 13 years or older to apply.
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I will edit this post when I have found both new team members, please contact me as fast as possible, as said before, please suggest prices, etc.

Animator position - Not found yet
Modeller position - Not found yet

Have a nice day,

Alright, I’m interested.
Add me on discord. Sknnyboy#8163

Send me examples first, or join Octopuso’s communication server and then dm me with examples. @funnyboy9012

Imma say this 150 robux is not enough for a fish. I mean it should be atleast 500 robux. In devex terms, 150 robux costs nothing.and the chair should cost 1k robux. and animations should be atleast 500 robux each.

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