Hiring Animator and Sound Effects Artist

Combat Royale is Hiring an Animator and Sound Effects Artist.

About Us
Hi there! We are Combat Royale, an upcoming Roblox game looking for a gun animator, and a sound effects artist. Combat Royale is a 3rd person shooter with unique gameplay and special modes such as: FFA, TDM, KOTH, and Battle Royale to be coming soon.

Game Link: Vendetta Pre-Alpha (Re-Working) - Roblox
(Currently in closed Beta)

About The Job
We are looking for professional Animators and Sound Effects Artists.

Animator: Your job as an animator will be to animate all of the guns. This includes idling, reloading, firing, and inspecting. Must be in R15. Models will be provided to you upon hiring.

Sound Effects: Your responsibilities as a Sound Effects Artist will be to come up with all of the sound effects for the game. This includes shooting (different for every gun), swinging pickaxe, reloading, etc.

We are paying Robux for the completed project. Per asset can be discussed if you prefer that method. Total budget for this is 30k Robux.

Contact Us
You can contact us by adding Dillon#0314 on Discord. Upon adding please show your portfolio, prices, and feel free to ask any other questions about the game.


I am a animator! I would love to work here, my discord user is Clxzed#4944

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