(Hiring Animator) Break It!


About Us

Ketchup Sim is looking for a whole new team for “Break It!” a game already in development but failed due to the poor performance of the group, I’m trying to create a more effective group that more respects the kid friendly theme, a very cartoon low poly style, animated scripts and much more!

Moreover 20k will go to sponsors and ads, having very attractive ads there is no need to worry about the clicks it will receive.

The Team
@TheRebelDev @axlanger - Builder(s)
@PeculiarRB - Scripter
@bobsniy - UI

About The Job

We’re looking for Animator will make cartoony animation, a lot cartoon.
Will be paid 10% revenue (20k will go in ads)


10% revenue

Contact Us

Discord: Sythm#1504 - Add me and send me proof

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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