Hiring Animator For Dino Game - You need to sign a contract for this job - Contract worth 300 USD - MUST BE 17-18 YEARS OLD FOR THIS JOB

Hello dear community!

I represent Pizza Pie Publishing a fresh Roblox Game Studio. We are working on a Dinosaur game and we need a friendly animator for our giant “pets”.

**The Team so far:

@Zarkrius - Scripter
@joesefez - Lead Designer
@wesc0bar - Economy Designer
@pressswipe - Producer

You can check our other games here: https://www.roblox.com/groups/4643413/Pizza-Pie-Publishing#!/about

About The Job

We are looking for cool, eager to work, professional person that understands deadlines and milestones.
Good communication skills are a must; we check team progress every few days and want to maintain a healthy relationship with one another.
We are professionals looking to work with like minded creative people.

Right now these are our needs on this project

  1. Animate 30-35 dinosaur models
  2. Animations needed: walk, run, idle
  3. Time frame 2-3 weeks after all details are clear

This list is subject to alterations, but only with the animator’s approval.



We will offer a CONTRACT for you to sign that will guarantee payment for the assets you’ve created.
Payment can be done in USD or R$.
You are looking at 300 USD with bonuses for delivering items on time.
This deal opens the door to other commissions. We are focused on making 2 more games in the next 2 months.

Contact Us

I will be the contact point so feel free to DM or add me on Discord: Danutian#5401.

Thanks for reading and spreading the word! :slight_smile:

300$ is NOT enough for 90 individual animations.


I paid my animator 300 bucks for like 10 animations and they were for a basic humanoid rig at about 2-4 seconds in length
300 is nowhere near enough for 90 animations, even if you are lowballing

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$300 on top of that Contract.

Definitely not worth it.

Is there any real reason as to why you’re specifically looking for 17-18 year old developers?

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Hi. We use a standard contract to ensure devs get paid when the assets are done. We can not sign minors unless one of the parents signs in their behalf. I hope this answers your question :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback. What number do you have in mind?

Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

thanks for the insight. Have a nice one!

I would still debate doing this, but this is way more reasonable since I know for a fact that dinosaurs are rigs that are a bit more difficult to work with. They need more time to be animated properly:

Per individual animation: 10$
Per individual dino: $30-40 (Depending on amount of joints)
Total: $900-$1200

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I really appreciate your feedback and how your explained your point of view. I had no idea this was such a complicated process. I will review my offer but I am limited in funds so I guess we will see where this goes. Also you are a featured Dev so probably that reflects itself in your rate, which is totally understandable. When you are great at your art you deserve the best! :slight_smile:

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