Hiring Animator [R15] For A Combat-Based Game! (Pay Negotiable)

About The Job

Hello! We are looking for an animator to quickly and efficiently animate up to 200 combat animations for our upcoming game.

The Team:
@RogueMage - Scripter/Lead
@ChouTz_uyu - Builder
[Other contributors not mentioned here]

You can see our progress so far in this discord, in the #da-peeks channel: Discord


We are paying 400-500 R$ per animation, depending on the difficulty/skill necessary. This pay is negotiable. In addition, animations will be required in sets (such as a set of animations for a sword), in which a grouped payment will be provided.

Example of animations currently in the game:


Contact Us

You can contact me (RogueMage) on Discord: rogu.mp4#0002
or ChouTz_uyu: stop#2000

Thank you for reading!

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