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Hello! We are deadshot productions and we are looking for an animator to join our team! As animator, you will create (sprint animation (with weapons), power up / ability animations, etc.)) You are required to work closely with the team and update progress to us.

In specific, we need idle animations while holding each of the weapons we will provide (four total), sprinting animations with these four weapons, and power up animations. An example of a power up we are looking for is say flying. As an animator, you would have to make the flying animation with the scripter working alongside you. In total, we will have between 10-14 power ups needed to be animated along with 8 other character animations. So our grand total is around 20 needed animations.

Our Team

@baitem - Project Lead, builder
@connix13 - co-owner, scripter
@ Bos5SlayeR - scripter
@killerganon - modeler
@Spixeled -UI
@lynnlo - texture creator


Deadshot productions will be paying 200 USD via PayPal for completed animations.

Contact Us

Connix13 will be taking interviews on discord. Conner#3546

Leave any questions below or shoot me a dm.

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Providing examples, a deadline, and estimate for how many animations you need would probably net you more offers.

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This is ALOT for animations :crazy_face:


It is for 20 animations though.

20 animations for 200 USD… that’d be 10 USD for a single animation, correct?
Will we be able to do some animations or would you want a single person to work on all of them?

Well you will be working alongside people if that is your question. There will only be one animator however.

What about quantity? Is there a deadline or certain amount of animations you expect to be made a day?
Also, what rig will be used?

No certain amount of quantity is expected per day. We would however be asking for updates on your work. We are looking for r15 animations with default roblox rig.

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Please send all Animation portfolios to baitem#7228, we had account issues with the other discord tag, and lost all our applicants. I look forward to speaking with you.

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